AuPairCare Host Families

The majority of our host families are dual-parent families with two to four children who are between 3 and 10 years of age. Our host families in the United States reflect the country's diverse heritage - AuPairCare families have a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds as well as varied family structures. Just as our host families are open to new cultural experiences, we expect the same openness from our participants.

Most au pair families live in suburbs on the West and East Coast. We also have a large number of families in the greater Chicago area, as well as in various larger cities in the Midwest. Host families can have a lot of different reasons for opening up their home to an au pair. Quite often, both parents work full-time and therefore want to have a reliable person who will take care of their children. Many families also have the desire to expose their children to another culture; therefore, they invite an international au pair to live with their family.

Au pair in the USA Host Family

One of the green states could be your new home!

Au pair host families

Just like you, host families have to apply in order to participate in the AuPairCare programme. Our local representative (AuPairCare Coordinator) visits each family in their home, vets them and explains our programme to them. In the AuPairCare Family Room, a password-protected portion of our American website, approved host families can view your application. This innovative online programme has improved and sped up the entire application process.

You decide!

When a family sees your friendly and competent application and decides that they are interested in you, you will receive an automatic e-mail from AuPairCare. This e-mail will contain initial information about the host family along with the news that the family would like to contact you. We prepare you in advance for the phone call by giving you telephone tips as well as a handbook about the programme. You should plan on speaking with the family at least twice, rather than making a decision after the first phone conversation. It is important that you and the host family gain a positive impression of each other and that you both have a good feeling about one another. Then you have a match!