Au Pair in the USA - Insurance

Your insurance package is already included in the programme fees. All AuPairCare participants are automatically enrolled in this insurance Plan. Please be reminded that coverage does not include any pre-exisiting health conditions, dental care abroad or high-risk sports.

Here are some highlights :

  • Self-Service Model: UnitedHealthcare will be sending au pairs an email to login and create a “MyAccount.” Au pairs will be able to print out their insurance card and access an array of resources.
  • 24/7/365 Nurse Hotline: In order to prevent unnecessary and costly trips to the Emergency Room, au pairs can now call a Nurse Hotline at any hour of the day if they are having symptoms and need advice about whether to see a doctor. Please note that this insurance is primarily a Travel & Emergency Policy and is not a comprehensive medical plan. We highly encourage au pairs to call the Nurse Hotline.
  • Preferred Provider Network: To ensure that your treatments are covered at 100% (for a covered service), au pairs must go to an in-network Preferred Provider.

Please find the insurance coverage that you are entitled to once you are an AuPairCare Participant on the insurance's website.