Au Pair in the USA - Step by Step

How can you become an au pair in the USA?

  • Get informed
    We want to make sure that you receive all information available about our programme. Please read through our website as well as all written documents we send you. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact AuPairCare via telephone or via e-mail.

  • Sign up
    If you feel that this is the right programme for you, just fill out our au pair pre-application form and return it to us. We will then get in touch with you to discuss the next steps.

  • Your application and interview
    You will receive your personal access code for the online application form, the Au Pair Room. The Au Pair Room allows you to create your own profile, track the progress of your application, and to ultimately get to know your perfect host family. Once you have submitted your online application, an AuPairCare representative nearby will conduct a personal interview with you. Our main priority is to get to know you, answer all of your remaining questions about the programme, and to advise you about the next step.

  • Your host family
    Once we have established that you meet all programme requirements, all of your application materials including the interview will be sent to AuPairCare Head Office in the US. AuPairCare then releases your application within Family Room, a web based platform where host families can view your profile. Interested families will then get in touch with you to get to know you better and possibly ask for a match. If a family is interested in your application you will be notified through your online Au Pair Room. We will give you lots of advice about how to clarify your questions with interested host families in order to ensure that you receive the best match possible. You will talk with a host family at least two or three times before reaching a decision. Once you and your host family have agreed to match with each other, you will then decide together on your ideal departure date.

  • Payment and Visa
    Now that you have matched with a host family, we can really get down to business. You will receive an official confirmation of your participation in the AuPairCare programme, along with an invoice for the programme fee. After we have received payment, we will send you all necessary documentation in order to apply for your visa. Now it is also time to get started on your Pre-Departure Orientation Project, showing how excited you are about meeting your host family.

  • Take off!
    You will receive your flight ticket about a week before your departure date. Then it's time to pack your bags, say your goodbyes and get ready to take off!

  • Orientation in New York
    Welcome to the States! Your AuPairCare programme begins on a Monday when you will attend a four-day training seminar in the greater New York area. After the long journey you will be able to recuperate in a nice, modern and comfortable hotel, where you will meet other au pairs from all over the world. You will take your first steps as au pairs together and can discover the Big Apple!

  • Au pair, au pair, au pair
    On Thursday you will continue your journey and will finally be welcomed into the open arms of your host family. Quite soon you will be in touch with other au pairs in your area, and you will meet your AuPairCare representative. Now it's time to get involved in your community, attend college courses, celebrate birthdays, take care of the children, make new friends and experience the American way of life.

  • End of programme
    The topic of returning home always comes up much too quickly! Your year as an au pair will fly by, and suddenly you will be contemplating what you would like to do during your 13th travel month. Our AuPairCare office in San Francisco will take care of booking your return flight home. As long as you have completed 6 college credits and have had a successful year, you will now receive your completion certificate. If the year has been wonderful and you want to continue it, then you have the chance to extend your stay as an au pair for another 6, 9 or 12 months.

  • Back home
    Welcome home! Give us a call, drop us a line, and let us know how you are doing! We want to know all about your year, everything you experienced, the people you met, and the places you saw. If you want to share your experiences with other former or even future au pairs, we will be more than happy to assist you.