Au pair in the USA -
Questions about the Programme




What are my responsibilities and duties as an au pair?

As an au pair in the US you have the fantastic opportunity to first hand experience the real American Way of life by living with an American family. In exchange you will provide personalised live-in childcare for your family's children for up to 45 hours per week, up to 10 hours per day. As an au pair you will be responsible for:

  • Supervising and playing with your family's children
  • Getting the children bathed and dressed
  • Feeding and changing diapers of infants
  • Making the children's breakfast and lunch
  • Keeping the children's rooms neat and tidy and doing their laundry
  • Driving the children to school, appointments, lessons, etc.
  • Helping the children with their school homework
  • Teaching them about your own culture and traditions
  • Accompanying your host family on trips and outings

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What do I gain from being an au pair in the USA?

You will gain so much from it! The majority of au pairs state that they have gained more independence, maturity and self-confidence from their year in the US. They have had the chance to get to know another culture, make friends with au pairs from all over the world and discover hidden talents within themselves.
Staying in the US for a year is also a great way to enhance future careers options. Not only do au pairs often gain their first real work experience in the US, they have also learned to adapt and adjust to a new lifestyle, to be flexible and to further develop intercultural competencies. Taking colleges classes also enables au pair to gain some insight into the American education system and to maybe even add a new qualification to their CV later on.

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Do I need to have a driving licence in order to become an au pair?

Yes. The majority of host families depend on their au pair's ability to drive as public infrastructure (i.e bus service) in the USA is not as well developed as it is in the UK. You can apply if you have already had lessons but have not yet sat your test, but you will not be able to progress to the next stage of the application or start your time as an au pair until you have gained your driving license.

Driving in the United States can be an intimidating experience for au pairs, which is why we have created a new driver’s safety training video for au pairs. Watch AuPairCare's Driving in the USA video tutorial!

The video tutorial introduces you to the rules of driving in the United States and provides instructions on how to keep your host family’s children safe while behind the wheel of a car. Once completed, you will feel more confident about operating a vehicle while in the U.S. You may take the tutorial multiple times, if you like.

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How long is the AuPairCare Programme for?

The minimum duration for au pairing in the US is twelve months due to US visa regulations.
Once you have successfully completed your au pair programme, you may stay in the US for another month in order to travel and see some other states of America before returning home. Alternatively, you also have the option to extend your au pair programme for another six, nine or twelve months.

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Can I apply to become an au pair?

Please see the programme requirements to au pair in the USA.

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What does the AuPairCare application consist of?

The first step is to fill out our Au pair in the USA pre-application form. It allows us to assess how well you already fulfil the AuPairCare programme requirements.
Once your pre-application has been reviewed you may then start your comprehensive AuPairCare application.

The AuPairCare application consists of:

  • an online part, AuPairRoom, which consists of a CV, photos and a video
  • a paper part which comprises all the supporting documents, i.e. childcare references, police check, medical record, etc.
  • a personal interview with one of our representatives

Once all these three parts have been completed and your application has been fully processed it will then be sent to the US to our AuPairCare Head Office in order for them to make your application accessible to our registered host families.

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Where do the AuPairCare representatives live?

AuPairCare has a network of qualified and fully trained representatives across the United Kingdom and Ireland. You will meet up with one of our friendly and competent staff for a personal interview once the first and second part of the application has been completed.

The interview will be conducted in one of the following cities:

  • London
  • Bristol
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow
  • Dublin

The interview will be an opportunity to chat about your childcare skills and your desire to become an au pair in the USA.
The interview is also the final stage of the application before your application will be sent to our Head Office in the US in order to be reviewed there.

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How long does the application process take?

It always depends on each applicant, and how well the au pair fulfils the programme requirements.
The next step is to fill out our Au pair in the USA pre-application form. Once your pre-application has been approved, you can start your comprehensive AuPairCare application.

Creating your online CV in AuPairRoom usually doesn’t take more than 3-7 days. The second part can take a little longer depending on how quickly you can sort out the supporting documents, i.e. the AuPairCare childcare reference forms, medical record form, the police check, etc. After you have completed the application we will then invite to a personal interview before sending off your application to our Head Office in the US. Once our colleagues have approved your application, you will be able to start interviewing with potential host families.

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Can I go to college or university during my time as an au pair?

As an au pair you have the fantastic chance to get some insight into the American education system and to gain a new qualification which might aid your career afterwards.
Taking a post-secondary course is a great opportunity for you to pursue a new interest, experience campus life, and meet new people. The U.S. Department of State requires that all au pairs complete not less than six semester hours (or the equivalent) of academic credit in formal educational settings at accredited U.S. post-secondary institutions. And what’s even better your host family will contribute up to $500 per year towards your educational experience. Once you have arrived in the US your host family and your local AuPairCare coordinator can provide you with information on the local institutions near your place that meet the Department of State's standards.

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