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Experience the adventure of a lifetime and discover the "American Way of Life" as an au pair in America. You will live with an American host family for 12-24 months, take care of the children and have the opportunity to get to know life in the USA.

Unlike a normal job, as an au pair in the USA you will be integrated into the family life right from the start and quickly find a new home away from home. The experience you gain abroad will be beneficial for your professional and personal development. Being an au pair in America gives you the unique opportunity to take people from a different culture into your heart forever!

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Benefit from our experience

AuPairCare has been sending au pairs to America for more than 30 years. As a participant, you benefit from our extensive experience. We understand which requirements au pairs in the USA should meet and have already successfully placed tens of thousands of young people with suitable host families. On your way to your adventure as an au pair in the USA, we as an agency are a strong and reliable partner at your side. We will not only prepare you for your au pair year in America in the best possible way, but our local staff will also support you and help you with all your questions and problems during your stay abroad.

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Find out in our guide what tasks await you as an au pair, what other prerequisites you should fulfill and how the placement process works.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • all-round carefree service package, including flights and insurance (covered by your host family), pocket money and paid holidays

  • long-standing American organization recognized by the U.S. Department of State 

  • 1 travel month after successful completion of the programme

  • year-round start in your au pair year possible

  • official employment contract according to the specifications of the U.S. Department of State

  • $500 for college courses of your choice

  • extension by 6, 9 or 12 months possible

  • repeat of your au pair year in America possible

Earn $1000 more with Us!

Earn more with AuPairCare! Being an au pair means working responsibly and being reliable. We want to show you how much we appreciate your fantastic work and dedication by raising the weekly stipend from $195,75 to $215, which earns you $1001 more per year! 


Beginning January 3, 2023, AuPairCare will introduce a new minimum weekly stipend of $215 per week which is higher than the U.S. Department of State minimum. This change will affect AuPairCare participants with a new match or extension that is finalized on or after January 3, 2023. Host families and au pairs are free to agree to a weekly stipend even higher than the $215 per week minimum. AuPairCare continues to adhere to all US Department of State regulations.

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Your placement in the USA

In the US, most host families live in the suburbs of larger cities on the East or West coast. However, they can also live in the Chicago area as well as in larger cities in the midwest of the USA.

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In order to successfully participate in the au pair programme in the USA, you must meet several requirements:

# you are aged between 18 and 26 years
# you have experience in childcare
# you hold a valid driver's license

Find out what else you need to bring.

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The price for an au pair year in the USA is a complete package price. There are no hidden costs and no financial risks since the programme fees become due after you have matched with a fitting host family. With us as your agency, you are on the safe side! 

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Au pair extension & repeat programmes

A year-long stay as an au pair in the USA may sound like a very long time to some. To others, it's simply not enough time! That's why we give you the chance to extend your stay for up to 12 months or repeat your stay in the US at a later point for a reduced fee.

Au pair Extension
Extension to your Au pair year

You would like to stay longer? Extend your adventure as an au pair in America by 6, 9 or 12 months! You have the option to continue your stay with the same host family or apply with a new one for your extension period. You don't have to do without your travel month, because you can simply add it to your extension.

Au pair repetition
Repeat the great!

You have successfully completed your first au pair year in the USA and received a completion certificate from your agency? Then let's go on another adventure and save 200 € on the programme fees! You will have to have lived outside of the USA for at least two years after your last au pair experience to be eligible for the repeat programme.

Your questions, our answers:

  • US au pairs can and even have to attend college courses during their stay. As part of the regulations for the au pair programme defined by the US Department of State, you must be able to prove in writing that you have attended courses and collected 6 credits or 60 hours at a local US community college during your au pair year. If you extend your au pair year, you will have to attend more courses. Attending college is a great opportunity to learn something new, get a taste of university life and make new friends.

  • Yes, many au pairs extend their stays in the USA. You have the option to extend your au pair year by 6, 9 or 12 months. You are even free to choose if you want to stay with the same family (granted that they approve) or apply with another family in a different region.

  • After you have matched with your host family, we will send you will a list with the contact details of other au pairs in your area. US applicants can find this info in the MyAuPairCare portal. The au pairs will be from your home country, as well as from other countries.

    You can also attend the au pair meetings that are organized in your area (monthly events in the US and New Zealand, quarterly meetings in Australia and 1-2 meetings in England). If your host family has already welcomed an au pair before, you can also talk to them.

  • Going to the USA for a second time has been possible since 2008. However, there are a few requirements that you must meet in order to apply for the visa again. Your first au pair year must have been completed more than two years ago and you must have lived outside of the United States. Of course, you will still have to fulfill all requirements that were valid for the first au pair year.

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